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The lack of a larger user base. I'd love for developers to make apps for Sailfish, but the tiny user base will scare AAA developers away from the platform as they would rather develop for a bigger niche OS like Ubuntu Touch or Firefox OS, Sailfish is rather obscure compared to those. Plus the fact that the native apps are required to be free at this point in time with no form of paid transactions being possible. Most of these AAA developers won't have the same view on open source, especially considering how few applications are open on other platforms.

The alien dalvik was one of the main things that could make Sailfish triumph over other niche mobile operating systems. It was of the key selling points to get people to convert to Sailfish from Android once the porting really starts happening. Otherwise they'll simply ask how big the app store is and once they hear answer is a number with two digits where most of them which are most likely rather lacking in features compared to applications on other platforms will scare people off big time.

The Android VM was one of the huge advantages Sailfish had to attract the niche user base and thus developers to make native apps and now I can see most potential converters sticking with whatever they had making Sailfish DOA together with Firefox OS and Ubuntu Touch. I'd really hate to see that happen.

Nokia N9 to run Android apps with Alien Dalvik emulator for MeeGo

The lack of Alien Dalvik on 3rd party devices is actually a feature to many of us. This is also assuming that a port will be fully functional without alien dalvik on a 3rd party phone? XDA Developers was founded by developers, for developers. It is now a valuable resource for people who want to make the most of their mobile devices, from customizing the look and feel to adding new functionality.

Myriad Alien Dalvik Demo, Q&A

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Thoughts about N9, SailfishOS and alien dalvik - - Talk

Hosted by Leaseweb. RumoredNow Jul Consistant OP Mar February 20, Thanks Meter: By Consistant , Member on 25th March , So I read today that apparently it has been known for quite a while that Sailfish OS' "Alien Dalvik" feature will be unavailable on all non-Jolla phones which makes it impossible for those of us who want to install Sailfish on their own devices to use Android applications and need to be locked to the Sailfish native applications.

This is due to Alien Dalvik being proprietary and licensed software from the Myriad Group, thus cannot be bundled with ports of Sailfish OS that includes the Nexus 4, i, Nexus 7 ports. As far as I can see it's sold as well, so installing it on the side like Gapps seems to be out of the question. Has Jolla mentioned anything about this? All I can find are community members saying Alien Dalvik will be unavailable on ports due to the licensing of the product. Without it, Sailfish OS might suddenly becomes a much less interesting as a whole to many, as the ability to install and run Android applications were one of the key features of a otherwise very interesting OS.

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  • Nokia N9 (MeeGo OS) Might Support Android Apps via Myriad’s Alien Dalvik.

Join Date: Feb My Devices: It's obviously a "pay to play" situation. Find software. Enter text to find: Search where: All applications Free stuff only Commercial only. Emulation category. Myriad Group AG. Availability unknown - please contact the developer for information. Rate and comment on this application! What is the date on this article?????? Please put dates on articles!! Oh my god, people are still posting 'thaaaaaanks', 'goooooood' and 'wheeeeeeen' comments.

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Somehow I think that myriad group has made a advertising stunt of some kind. But its not to benefit the Nokia N9 users. The program will never ever get on the market for the individual N9 user - because Myriad dont dare to go against Nokia - and Nokia is not interested in buying - just to support android. We need this application!!!!! We all want it!!! Please Myriad. Don't be stupid!!!!! Please, we need it, sign this petition, ive already sent the link from this petition to nokia care, they will se all of us signing it, we must make our voice to be heard http: Please, we need it, sign this petition, ive already sent the link from this petition to nokia care, they will se all of us signing it, we must make our voice to be heard [Rate: Myriad's Alien Dalvik is more or less an unofficial port of Dalvik Java VM and as such it can be installed on MeeGo or Symbian, or other platforms and make it possible for Android Java software to run on it.

There is no need for any kind of "emulator", because Android platform uses the same processor architecture ARM and similar Linux-based operating system.

Nokia N9 could run Android apps: Alien Dalvik interview

All that's needed is a port of the Java Virtual Machine in which Java software runs like in a "sandbox" , and that's what Alien Dalvik provides. Why Myriad don't want to start selling it to end users, is a different story. Myriad group is making big publicity Hello everyone, is it me or is this Deja Vu with MS win 8?

Not keeping my hopes up [Rate: Please Myriad, release this program so we can enjoy the full potential of our N9 and the Android platform [Rate: Loks bad for Alien Dalvic I've heared that it won't come up ad Ovi-Store cause it's gonna be sold only to large companies and not to the Customers Please Myriad, this is our salvation, we need this, we'll prefer you than NOKIA, your all that we need, please come ou come out!!!!

So if it is falsely misleading as you wrote, then it is Myriad misleading people as it is them who publicly promised the release this year, did not fulfil the promise and didn't even bother to inform anyone about either changing their plans or cancelling the project Also, please know that I was waiting for this software just as much as you and everyone else.

So I feel disappointed and misled not less than anyone else. Regarding the "Available later this year" text, it became clear only very recently that the software won't be released this year. It was NOT that clear even just a month ago as even though we did not believe that Nokia would buy it, we hoped that Myriad would start selling it individually as it would surely sell well and provide them huge profits. I really had no reasons not to trust a company that publicly demoed the product running on the N and officially announced its availability for MeeGo in , and I really had no reasons to think that such a great and wanted product would be killed only because Myriad wants to sell it to Nokia and does not bother to sell individual copies.