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You unlock characters and add them to your party as you make your way through the campaign, and these generally have specific abilities for solving certain puzzles that you can go back and tackle in Free Play mode.

For example, on your first sortie through the blizzardous Pass of Caradhras you might spot a cracked rock that you as Gimli can only smash with an extra powerful axe, which you don't have. The rock remains unsmashed and you go on your way.

LEGO The Lord of the Rings - Gameplay Walkthrough Part 15 (iOS, Android)

Shortly afterwards, you acquire the axe in Balin's Tomb, allowing you to return to the Pass once you've finished that stage and unlock the previously inaccessible content. When you return to locations you can also take on little missions, such as finding weapons for King Dain Ironfoot II, so there's plenty of reason to revisit areas to squeeze extra gameplay out of them.

That's the way the Lego games are made.

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Unsurprisingly, Lego The Lord of the Rings contains IAPs, which sit quite naturally alongside the soft currency of Lego studs that you accumulate in abundance by smashing up scenery and killing orcs and other assorted fantasy jerks. You can spend Lego studs or real money on various boosts and power-ups, and you can spend money on character packs, but none is necessary and you can enjoy the game without giving the IAPs a thought.

Warranty & Support

Take the controls. There are two options available - the default Casual mode, which lets you pull your avatar around like a kite, tapping with a second finger to jump and prodding objects and enemies directly to attack them; and the Virtual controls mode, which I preferred. But neither option is ideal. Both are imprecise and frustrating - particularly when paired with a camera that thinks nothing of backpeddalling unhelpfully as you run directly into the screen rather than swinging around to show you what lies ahead.

The Lego games are consistently criticised on console for having woolly, frustrating controls, so this touchscreen version never stood much of a chance.

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To be fair, there are respects in which the touchscreen controls work well. To aim a projectile you just drag a reticule onto the target, which is simple and intuitive, and to dig or turn a handle you jiggle or rotate your virtual stick, which makes far more sense than the button-mashing of the console version. But on the whole the controls are problematic.

Then there's the conciseness, which may make Lego The Lord of the Rings suitable for mobile devices but at the cost of the sweep and grandeur that made the original so good. While there are some setpieces lifted more or less directly from the console game, the majority has been custom made for iOS, and it all takes place on a more modest scale.

The Lord Of The Rings | iOS Video Games -

The locations are smaller, there are fewer missions to complete, and the system of gradually unlocking characters has been condensed, so that you're able to do more with the characters you have. You can also take larger parties into story missions far earlier in the game, allowing you to complete more tasks. As a result, there's both less to do and less to go back and do later. In other Lego games, stages are tantalisingly littered with objects that you won't be able to interact with until some distant point in the future, and in many cases you end up returning to stages repeatedly as you acquire new abilities.

The same is true here, but on an almost token scale.

LEGO Lord of the Rings Now on Apple iOS

And the action itself tends to be more linear where it strays from the console game. The game for mobile devices builds on collecting characters known from The Hobbit and The Lord of The Rings Trilogy, and has the player assemble small teams to lead them to real-time battles. Each warrior features unique statistics, weapons, and special abilities, which when activated can turn the tides of a battle.

Each character can be developed in terms of combat skills, which the player can adjust to their preferred tactics. The production of Kabam company, combining elements of RPG, strategy and collectible card games, was created under the licence of the film trilogy Lord of the Rings. In the game we form a 4-person team made up of well-known Tolkien characters and we take part in subsequent battles with the computer AI or live opponents in the PvP arenas. A virtual adaptation of the card game created by Fantasy Flight Games and based on the license of The Lord of the Rings.

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The game allows up to two players to participate in a yet another adventure taking place in Middle-earth, during which they lead three heroes through a selected scenario. The game allows you to modify your deck and missions in many ways, making each playthrough unique.

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  6. The game focuses on building elves or dwarf cities and competing with other players and fighting with enemy goblins. It is the work of an experienced Kabam studio. Game Guides. Games Encyclopedia.